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  • Timelapse 2015

    I have finally managed to finish editing the videos for my recent timelapse video shot mainly in New Zealand. Shot over a 2 month trip to New Zealand when we travelled the North and South islands of this Epic country!

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  • Understanding Epoch Time

    Understanding Epoch Time - using PHP and MySQL this guide will explain how to use Epoch time to display users a time

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  • Ferrari 360 Fun in the Swiss Alps

    A short trip to Switzerland to go pick up a Ferrari 360 Stradale, take some photos and shoot some timelapse footage in the Alps, ahve a quick burn around in the mountains and then drive it back to London

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  • How To Calculate UK Tax

    I needed to workout how to calculate how much tax needed to be paid for different salaries as part of a mortgage calculation tool I was building for a client

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  • Timelapse 2014

    Whilst living in Sydney, Australia for another 3 months I thought I'd take the oppertunity to shoot another timelapse video around its various stunning locations

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  • jQuery Budget Calculator

    This is a simple budget Calculator made using jQuery, HTML5 and the Bootstrap framework, it makes use of HTML5's local storage to save the results to the browser.

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  • Timelapse 2012

    After doing some travelling around New Zealand, Austrlia, Thailand and Cambodia I decided to teach myself how to do some Timelapse Photography... this is the result!

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About Me


I am a Web Developer and Photographer and I love to travel the world pursuing my hobby of Photography and creating Timelapse Videos. I have been creating websites for the last 15 years and enjoy working on new projects all the time. Working from my laptop has given me the freedom to be able to work from different places around the world.

On this site you'll find access to my work, my photos and of course my timelapse videos. I sell all my photos and they can be printed out in high quality using Fuji Flex ink which gives an amazing clarity of picture. Please feel free to get in contact with me if you wish to ask me any questions about my work.

I am available to help others with new technical projects whether it's a Photo-shoot, a simple website or a full blown web or mobile application.

My Skills

HTML 5 & CSS 3
JavaScript & jQuery
Photography & Timelapse
After Effects & 3D Studio Max


I am an professional Front End Developer with over 12 years experience


HTML and CSS is my expertise and I fully understand how to build great looking websites


I am an expert with JS and jQuery and make the user experience as friendly as possible

Bootstrap 3

I can create fully responsive bootstrap websites within a few days work


Social Media